How Would YOU Like to Be Built Like a Linebacker &
Strong As Kevlar?
I’m not gonna waste your time here, because you’ve probably already done enough of that with all your muscle building workouts. Instead, let me get right to the point…

You’re here because you’re tired of the gimmicks and the crap. You’ve bought all the bodybuilding magazines, and their routines sucked. You’ve bought all the hyped-up supplements, only to not really see any difference. You may have even gotten some personal training at your local gym…and we won’t even get into the waste of time that was.

You want to be bigger and more muscular – because no real man wants to be small and skinny.

You don’t want to be a pansy-ass pretty boy ‘pumper and shaper’, as that just sucks. (I mean, do you really wanna be “all show and no go”?)

But at the same time, while being big and strong is great, you also want to be able to move well and look good…like a real athlete.

In other words, your goal is to build a physique that will…

Make Other Guys Wish They Were You…
And Make Women Wish They Were With You
See, this kinda build is what I like to call your “Body Armor”. You know what body armor is, right? The kevlar stuff that’s so strong that it can stop a bullet and save your life, but is still so light, you can do almost anything wearing it? It’s some of the strongest, most durable, and toughest material in the world.

Well that’s the physique you want – big, strong, fast, and powerful, yet nimble, quick, and super explosive. Think the muscular and athetic build of an elite NFL linebacker, and you get an idea of what I’m talking about.

And when you add in powerful looks of a strong set of shoulders, muscular arms, fast and explosive legs, and lean waist…well…let’s just say the girls dig it.

What if You Could Get Stronger,
Faster, and Bigger…All With
All With One Workout?
Well…you can.

I decided it was time that a single type of training & building muscle that accomplished all these things at once (in one type of workout) be created…so I did it.

Here’s the deal – you already know this, but to train for maximum strength, you’ve gotta do one kind of workout. To be fast and explosive, you’ve gotta do another kind of workout. And to really put on muscle mass, you’ve gotta do an even different kind of workout.

Now, if you wanna do all those different types of muscle building workouts, you can cycle through them all…which can take you a year or longer.


You could do them all as a part of the same program…which means doing all your ‘main’ exercises several times per week and spending forever in the gym.

Ugh again.

You could even focus on one type of workout, while you just kinda ‘maintained’ everything else, and just rotated what you focused on…which would still mean maybe taking a year or more.


Or how about instead, you do something like what I’ve got in “Body Armor” – which is a special sets, reps, and percentage scheme I developed (don’t wory – it’s not complicated!) that will let you build more muscle, get stronger, and become faster & more explosive…all at once!

You see, I devised a methodology that let you train heavy to build strength, train fast to build speed and power, yet still has enough overall volume to build muscle mass. Now, I’m not gonna lie to you, and tell you that you’ll get as strong as you would on a pure strength program, or as big as you would on a pure size program.

But you’ll get stronger than muscle mass programs or speed programs will make you. You’ll get more explosive and faster than pure strength or mass workouts will make you. And you’ll get bigger and more muscular than pure strength or speed programs will make you. You know…a sort of “best of all worlds” kinda thing…

Think of it like a “Greatest Hits” compilation of your favorite band – you might not have every single song they ever made, but everything you really want & need is there.

Well, that’s what “Body Armor” does for you in the gym, and is the kinda physique it helps you build! (And it only takes 12 weeks!)

But Don’t Just Take My Word For It…
See What the “Experts”…And Regular Guys…
Are Saying…
“For anyone looking to get stronger & more athletic, I think Wiggy’s “Body Armor” is a solid, well thought out program that will deliver results.”
Joel Jamieson
Strength Coach to Former UFC Champ Rich Franklin, 2005 Pride GP Finalist “Mach” Sakarai, UFC Fighters Matt Brown, Tim Boetsch
Coach Wiggins has assembled an AWESOME program here. He has done all the thinking for you. With all the cool charts all you need to do and take action. The plan of attack is ready. Just bring a bucket of determination with you and you will not only get RESULTS but have fun doing it.”
Billy Beck III, 2x MET-Rx World’s Best Personal Trainer
“As a professional strength coach I am always studying different training methods and looking at different types of programs. I have used Matt’s programs in the past but “Body Armor” is by far the best, most well rounded program to date. I was one of my test subjects doing a very early version of what became the “Body Armor” program and I knew back then this program was going to be awesome when he put it all together. I have seen the finished product now and it definitely lives up to the expectations. This is a heck of a program and there’s no doubt in my mind if somebody wants to get bigger, stronger, leaner, and have ‘never say quit’ conditioning, this is the program that will do it.”
Andy Hepler
Owner & Head Trainer – Hepler Strength & Conditioning / Hepler Speed Camps
“Being involved in the strength and fitness industry, I hear a lot about what people want. They want results, and they want results fast. Gone are the days of spending hours in the gym. There are simply more important things to do. Coach Wiggins is proven and has done all of the research. That means there is no ‘guesswork’ involved. His programs are efficient and effective! There are a lot of junk products and empty promises out there. Wiggy’s no BS programs deliver results, and his new “Body Armor” plan will no doubt continue the ‘Working Class’ tradition!”
Bryan Childers, CFT, SSC, SFN
Elite Fitness Center, Evansville, Indiana
Training is going awesome man! On the end of the week I’m exhausted as hell, but with easy day Friday and rest on Saturday I’m 100% again! I’ll let you know the 5RM results, but I can tell you right now that I’m much more stronger!
Bruno Carvalho,European Top 10 MMAist
Team Golden Glory
I am truly amazed with the results. This week doing the 3RM, I smoked my previous 1RM. I hit PR’s on all exercises (PushPress 195 x 3). The weights are going up smooth and form is ever improving.. I can tell you I really don’t mind walking around in board shorts shirtless (which is big for me). Being fans of jumping up on tall stuff… I finally got over 42″ – next up 44″…”
Matt Bonafede
“I trust your advice as my online trainer…I wanted to thank you again for the “Body Armor” workouts, its been awesome so far.”
Lt. Jay Rosenbalm
Camp Cropper, Iraq
“This new workout is pretty kick ass. I can see and feel myself getting stronger. Even my wife noticed my upper body was getting bigger and she never notices (at least that’s what she says). Busting out more dips and more chins every week per set.
Aaron Bonafede
“Body Armor”

“Body Armor” is a complete 12-week set of muscle building workouts. First you start off with my specially designed set, rep, & percentage program described above. You’ll get the absolute best mix of strength, power, & muscle building – all from one type of training, and all focusing on one core group of movements.

Then, you add in assistance work. This balances out the core group of movements, builds the show “muscle” (the stuff that looks good on the beach), ensures that you’re strong for your bodyweight, and even throws in some basic ‘prehab’ work as well!

Oh, and by the way – did I mention that when it comes to almost all over your assistance work, I let you pick whatever exercises you want? (More on that in a second…)

After that, it’s time to make sure that these muscle building workouts make you “walk the walk”. You focus on training that builds power, conditioning, explosiveness, and cardio…all in a rotation of different, yet highly intense workouts!

“So Simple A Caveman Could Do It”
Man, I hate those commercials…LOL! But, gotta give ‘em credit – their tagline is catchy. (Hope I don’t get sued for putting it here…)

“Body Armor” is the same way. Everything is right there for you in black & white – exercises, sets, reps. Up above, kickass Coach Billy Beck III said that I’ve done “all the thinking for you”. That couldn’t be more true – all you’ve gotta do it show up and add effort. Then watch yourself transform in the mirror…

To go “above and beyond the call of duty”, I wanted to make absolutely sure you succeeded with these muscle building workouts, so in addition to the “Body Armor” workout itself, I’m tossing in NINE ADDITIONAL BONUSES to help you out:

  • “Body Armor” - FAQ - Though I tried to lay out the entire program in a very simple, easy-to-follow fashion, I knew that some of you would still have questions. So I wrote up this FAQ to address anything and everything I thought you might ask. It covers not only ‘whats’ and ‘hows’, but also a great number of many ‘whys’ of the program. I wanted to try and give you a ‘sneak peak’ inside my head, and let you into my thinking of why I designed this muscle building program the way I did.
  • “Body Armor” – Choose Your Own Exercise Guide - Remember above I mentioned being able to pick most of your own favorite exercises for your assistance work? Well, here’s the list of “Wiggy-approved” exercises (sorry, but I don’t give a damn how much you like triceps kickbacks, they still suck) that you can pick from. Just open it up, make sure what you wanna do is there, and get to work!
  • Overtraining Report - Something else I get asked about a fair amount is overtraining – what it is, how to avoid it, are you overtraining, etc. Personally, I think that for the most part, the concept of overtraining is a complete crock. I actually wrote up a report on it detailing my thoughts, and included it in my “Championship Edition 2.0″ MMA workout.
  • Printable Workout Logs - One of the biggest mistakes you can make in your workouts is not keeping accurate records. After all, how can you progress forward, if you don’t remember where you’ve been? These workout logs are all done for you – all you have to do is print them out and fill in the blanks!
  • 1RM Chart - Everybody wants to know what they’re new ‘max’ is. Use this chart to get an idea of just how much your new ‘max’ is progressing, until you get to actually test it!
  • RM Approximation Chart - Ok, so if XXX pounds x YYY reps = your new 1RM, what do you do if you know your 1RM, but wanna know how much you could still lift for 8 reps? Find your 1RM on this chart, and get an approximates on your 2RM – 20RM.
  • Exercise Video Resources - Not quite sure how to do an exercise? Every exercise discussed in the “Choose Your Own Exercise” listing has its own video! Just click the link!
  • Calories Burned Calculator - I developed a cool little piece of software that will approximate how many calories you’re burning – not only in your workouts, but with any activity you do during the day. With info obtained from the American Heart Association (included!), use this handy little tool to get an idea of how many calories you’re burning in a day…because you can’t put muscle on if you’re not eating enough, and you have to know how many calories you’re burning before you can know you’re eating enough!
  • Protein Chart - Speaking of eating enough, we all know how important getting enough protein is to your muscle building efforts. Use this chart put out by the USDA to rank pretty much every food known to man by serving size and protein content!
You’ve Got Two Possible
Choices Right Now…
  • You can choose to do nothing, and do the same workouts you’ve been doing all along. Maybe you’re even getting some results. If so, then keep at it. (Though if you’re reading this, I can’t help but think you just ain’t satisfied…are ya?)
  • You can click the “Add to Cart” button, get these kickass muscle building workouts, and use “Body Armor” to develop your own “kevlar” that you have on you all the time…making you look good, perform better, and feel like virtually indestructible!
In the end, what you decide to do is up to you. But, if you decide to go with option #1, just don’t come bitching to me later when your buddies – who were smart enough to go for the “Body Armor” muscle building workouts – are getting bigger, stronger, more explosive…and you’re not.

Especially when you can…

Get the Entire “Body Armor” Muscle Building Program & All 9 Bonuses For a Single, One-Time Payment of Just $39!!

Can you really go wrong?  I don’t see how you could!


Now click that big “Add to Cart” button below and let’s get started:

Train Hard, Rest Hard, Play Hard-


Matt “Wiggy” Wiggins